Voice of the Magdalane – Oracling Retreat in Egypt

The I AM PRESENCE came through the LightPortal of 22-02-2022 and it is pushing all of us to be more real, more PRESENT. How the Masters, including Easa and Mary Magdalane were PRESENT.

And now we invite you on this journey to open yourselve to become a chalice for the Voice of the Magdalane.

Voice of the Magdalane  – ORACLE PRIESTESS Retreat in Egypt with Kriszta & Karim

Summer, 2023

What is the Voice of the Magdalane for us?

Kriszta says:
She is talking to me through the many messages coded into the Temple of Isis and Osiris by the shore of Alexandria. I see her in the emerald water of the Cleopatra Well in Siwa. I hear her whispering through the voices of the Ancient Priestesses in the Oracle Temple. Her face is shining through the endless golden sand-dunes…
Mary Magdalane for me is connected deeply to Siwa. According a theory She is the granddaughter of Queen Cleopatra. This theory deeply resonates with me and explains many things. I feel and believe that she came to Siwa, she learned in the Oracle Temple, it was part of her journey to become the last initiated Queen of Egypt. She is the bridge connecting Lemuria with Kemet, and Kemet with the whole world. She is the bridge connecting us to the wisdom and the voice of our Souls.
I hope you join us on this journey in Egypt to find the Voice of the Magdalane outside and inside.

Karim says:
Magdalena, The Beloved. Her name, Mary means the beloved one in Kemetic (the language of Ancient Egypt). A woman, like all the women in the physical shape, but she is outstanding because of her unique heart. She is a precious
Soul, like a piece of diamond between rocks…
One day I heard my spiritual Master talking about the names and how our names can be connected to our mission in this life. I believe that the name of Mary Magdalena is really telling us that She is a Beloved who came to spread Love. She is a messenger of Love for the Lovers.
But she was also a great example for those who had a hard experience in a certain part of their lives. Magdalena suffered, she was tired, blamed by others…Those, who were cruel on her, only saw the guilt. Their heart could not see her purity and the light of love shinning inside her.
But the Lover saw her and felt her. Jesus was there for her, the hand of the divine showing the right path. He knew she was a pure Lover. Jesus opened his heart with love for her and she reflects their love to all of us. Love and Forgiveness are so close, like two lovers. Their message was clear, Love will always save us, in all circumstances.

The preleminary program:

Day 1 Arrival at Cairo Airport, transfer to the hotel

Day 2 Early morning starting circle and breakfast in Mena House , walk on the Giza Plateau, Isis Temple and Lemurian Pyramid

Day 3 The Temple of the Architects of Mystery in Alexandria, travel to Marsa Matrouh, overnight by the sea in the beautiful Jaz Almaza Hotel

Day 4-6   Oracle of the Magdalane Training by the Lemurian Coast of Egypt

Journeying and Scrying with the Elements  * Opening ourselves to the Voice of the Magdalane * Amigdala Activation * Connection with the Women of the Sophia Wisdom

Day 7  Travel to Siwa Preparation for the Initiation ceremonies of the next day

Day 8 in Initiation ceremonies in the Desert and in the Oracle Temple of Siwa

Day 9  Travel to the Lemurian Coast of Egypt

Day 10  Closing Ceremony by the Lemurian Sea, travel to Cairo in the afternoon

Day 11  transfer to the airport

More information will be available soon