Information about Great Pyramids Video Journey

The first video will focus the historical and Egyptology explanations of the Great Pyramid, it will reveal the secrets of this gigantic structure. Who built the Great Pyramid? What is the meaning of his name in the ancient Egyptian language? What are the dimensions of it? Why is it one of the wonders of the Ancient World. What is the story of the entrances? How was it build? What is the connection between the chambers and the stars? What is the Sufi message Karim is getting from the Pyramid?
The second video tells you about the different, beyond-Egyptology theories of the building of the Pyramids. Was the Great Pyramid really built in the Old Kingdom? How is the Great Pyramid connected to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth? What are the three steps of the Initiation Journey inside the Great Pyramid.
The third video walks you through the three chambers of the Great Pyramid in a guided visualization. The three initiation chambers will help you release and cleanse your karmic past and present patterns about the abuse of magic and will connect you the Light you are.

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  • Full Video Duration 45:30
  • Lower resolution version price: 33
  • High resolution version price: 44

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