Giza Plateau   Video Journey
Giza Plateau Video Journey

3 videos
1st – The pyramids of the Giza Plateau through the eyes of Egyptology
2nd - Alternative theories about the Giza Pyramids, how they help us to evolve
3rd – Guided journey to receive your personal message from the pyramids

Sphinx  Video Journey
Sphinx Video Journey

3 videos
1st – What and who is the Sphinx according to Egyptology and history
2nd - The Sphinx, the Guardian of the Heart of Egypt. Spiritual theories.
3rd – Guided journey to heart-temple of the Sphinx to awaken the One Heart

Great Pyramids  Video Journey
Great Pyramids Video Journey

3 videos
1st – Historical secrets of the Great Pyramid and King Khufu
2nd - The mystery of the Great Pyramid through the numbers, Emerald Tablets and Isis.
3rd – Initiation journey through the 3 chambers of the Great Pyramid