The Amazigh Princess

Alexander the Great. Queen Cleopatra. Mary Magdalane. They lived in different times, however their destiny met between the golden dunes of Great Sand Sea surrounding the remote oasis of Siwa. Their Soul-path merged in the magical space of the Oracle Temple of Siwa, and together they anchored the codes, which help us remember the wisdom of Kemet and our own destiny.

Kriszta received this Soul-novel from the Oracle Temple of Siwa during her first journey to the magical oasis.

“We open your throat chakra to tell to story” – Kriszta heard this in the small chapel next to the Holy of Holies. On they way back from the oasis to Cairo she had a vision of Amazigh Warriors of Light appearing from endless sand.  This vision became the first chapter of the book, which she channeled from from the memories of Siwa and her own Soul.

Kriszta is currently translating the novel from Hungarian to English and hopes to publish it by the end of September 2023.

Paperback: 33USD

SALE! Pre-order the paperback edition at 23USD till the 23 of August, 2023