Sacred Journeys in EGYPT

“Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil. Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal, waiting the moment of freedom to conquer, waiting to rend the veil of the night…” (The Emerald Tablets of Thoth)

KEMET. The Black Fertile Land of Iset and Wsir. Egypt. Where the Temples and the Pyramids are waiting for the return of the Lovers. For the return of those who are ready lift the veil of darkness and remember that WE ARE LIGHT, AND LIGHT WE SHALL REMAIN.

We are blessed to live in this ancient land and travel the sacred places of it daily. KEMET has called us to share about her mysteries. KEMET whispered to our hearts to open the path for the return of the Lovers.


Are you one of the Lovers of KEMET?

Do you hear the calling of the Neteru?

Are you yearning to dance on the Nile again?

Do you wish to decode the knowledge which is our heritage?

You are at the right place. We can organize your journey in KEMET according to the wishes of your Heart & Soul.

You can contact us for your individual Sacred Journey, or a whole Sacred Pilgrimage for your group.

Initiation inside the Pyramids or by the Heart of the Sphinx, activation journeys through the Temples and on the Nile, the hidden secrets of the desert…We can do it for you <3

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