Love on the Nile


Pre-order the paperback edition at 23USD till the 23 of April, 2023

Shipping is not included in the price. Shipping from Egypt to Europe is 35USD, to USA 50USD. It is for maximum of half kg, so it is more worthwhile to order more products at once.


The pages of the novel will connect you with the temple-life of Kemet, where everything is connected. The land and the sky, the humans and the Gods, ceremony and everyday life, legends and facts.

You will feel the guardians of Love surrounding you while traveling on the waves of love with Habib and his Lover Neela. Your heart will open to what is real as you are reading through challenges what Lovers of Isis and Osiris face to manifest the real in them.

The Love on the Nile will be out of the print by the 1st of May, but you can already preorder.