On the Path of the Magdalane – Sacred Journey to South France & Catalonia

“700 years from now, the laurel will turn green again and the good men and women will return.”

These are the words of the last Cathar Parfait before he was burnt at the stake by the Church of Rome. The 700 years has been fulfilled in 2021, and more and more of us return to Langedouc, to Catharland to walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalane and the descendants of the Jesus & Magdalane bloodline.

In September, 2024 we will return again on an epic journey to awaken the seeds planted into our hearts by the Sacred Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalane.

We will walk the grid marked by churches connected to the Magdalane and their bloodline, ruins of Isis Temples, Cathar castles and ancient Megaliths of South France and Catalonia.

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On the Path of the Magdalane – Sacred Journey in South France & Catalonia

with Kriszta & Karim

1-10. September, 2024.

Sacred places we will visit:

Fairy Dolmens in Spain and France * Perpignan and Sainte Marie * the Cathar Castles of Minerve, Carcassone and Montsegur   *  the Magdalane Temple and Tower of Rennes Les Chateau  *  the magical Rennes Les Baines * the troubadour castle of Puivert * Girona, the City of Secrets * the Black Madonna of Montserrat * the Gothic quarter of Barcelona and the Light Temple of the Sagrada Família


1 September Arrival at Barcelona, taking our rental cars and traveling together to Girona. Opening ceremony in the Garden of the French Woman, where the Magdalane Tower stood before.

2 September  We will drive to Perpignan and will lit the Cathalan Flame by the Canigou Mountain, which is the centre of the Magdalane Portal.  Connecting to the arrival of the Magdalane by the sea in Sainte Marie. Overnight in Carcassone. (breakfast)

3 September  Ceremony by the Fairy Dolmen and our first connection to the Cathars in Minerve. In the afternoon Bloodline Avtivation through connection to Jeanne D’Arc in the Carcassone cathedral. Free time in the Castle of Carcassone.  Overnight in Carcassone.  (reggeli)

4 September  After breakfast we travel to Couiza, and take our rooms in the castle hotel. Ceremony by the ruins of the Isis Temple in Rennes Les Bains.  (breakfast and dinner)

5 September Heart Activaton with the waters of the Lovers’ Fountain and then visiting the Magdalane Temple and Tower of Rennes La Chateau. (breakfast)

6 September Honoring the Pure Ones in the last Cathar Castle of Monstegur and in the Troubadour Castle of Puivert (breakfast, dinner)

7 September We will cross the Pyrenees Mountains and reconnect to the magic of the Catalan land by the Fairy Dolem of Roses. Then we continue to Sitges, to our last hotel by the sea. (breakfast)

8 September  Isis and Magdalane Lineage Activation by the Black Madonna of Montserrat (breakfast)

9 September  The Secrets of Barcelona: Templar Knight, Toth, Kabbala, Mary Magdalane and the Light Temple of the Sagrada Familia (breakfast)

10 September Closing Circle by the Sea and transfer to Barcelona airport (breakfast)

Our sacred work will be supported by:

  • myths, legends, symbols and HerStory connected to the different sites
  • ritual and ceremonies we create together
  • activations
  • channeled messages from Mary Magdalane
  • Sufi teachings and ceremonies


About the spiritual guides of the journey:

Kriszta Veres

krisztatengerI have been walking with Mary Magdalane since the moment of my spiritual awaking. She led me to Glastonbury, and she was present at every crossroad of my journey. I led many ceremonies, workshops, channelings, embodiments in the energy of our beautiful Mary of Magdala. My connection with Her is so deep that with a breath I can offer my being to be Her Chalice and Her Voice. I am very grateful for this.

The Magdalane places of France called me first in 2017. This September I will lead my 5th spiritual pilgrimage following Her footsteps and guidance. The connection between Ancient Egypt and Magdalene’s France is especially important for me. That connection exist through Sara Kali, Mary Magdalane, the remains of the Isis Temples and Cathar teachings. The secrets of the Catalan land are also very important for me, as this is the land safeguarding the Benben, the Stone of Destiny of Kemet.


Karim (Mohamed al Zawahry)

Karim is Egyptologist guide since 20 years, and a Lover of the Sufi Path. Sufism is the mystical path of Islam, the Path of the Mevlana, Rumi, the Path of the Heart.

Karim’s family walking the Sufi Path since generations, and the heart-based teachings of Sufism enriches all the explanations and teachings, Karim gives about Ancient Egypt.

The roots of the Cathars are connecting back to the Kemetic Wisdom. Mary Magdalane is a Sufi Master for the Lovers.

Karim will support this journey with sharing Kemetic and Sufi wisdom and Sufi ceremonies.

The travel arrangements are organized by Golden Light Travel Services Llc. (the travel agency of Kriszta & Karim)

Investment: 2622EUR

EARLY BIRD! 2422EUR, if you register by the 1st of May!

LOVERS OF KEMET SPECIAL PRICE! 2222EUR, if you traveled with us before and register by the 1st of May

The price includes: shared room in 4 star hotels, 3 nights in a beautiful castle hotel, meals according to the itinerary, entrance fees (Rennes le Chateau, Puivert, Monstegur, Sagrada Famila, Montserrat), the rental cars with insurance, the spiritual guidance and activations

The price does not include: ait ticket, other meals and entrance fees, drinks, travel insurance