An Egyptologist is in love with history and is spending all his free time in the Egyptian Museum, and he develops a special connection with one of the statues. He feels the statue is talking to him, and through the statue he finds himself in the life of young Thutmosis III.
An energetic healer, who moved to Egypt from Europe is called back to the Egyptian Museum often by one of the sphinxes of Hatshepsut. Her visions by the sphinx of the Queen take her to the court of Hatshepsut.
Soon their paths meet in the museum, and they start to share the experiences given to them by the statues. They see the time of Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III. through they eyes of people from different levels of the society. Often those stories are contradicting and they debate a lot about the truth. Till they finally realize that the truth is in their hearts linked together forever.
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