Mystery of the Sphinx

Information about the Mystery of the Sphinx teaching

This package includes 3 videos.

The first video is focusing on the important historical information about the Sphinx. Who is the owner? Why did they choose its location? What is the Ancient Egyptian and the Greek name of it and the meaning of it. How did the ancient ones create this shape­­? What is under the Sphinx? What happened to its face? What is the function of the Valley Temple in front of the Sphinx? What is the Sphinx to the Sufi in Karim?

In the second video Kriszta tells you about esoteric theories about the Sphinx. Is it a he or she? Is she connected to any of the Neteru? Is she connected to Star Beings?  Is there a temple under the Sphinx? Are there any evidences for the entrances leading to that Temple?

The third video is a beautiful guided visualization creating a connection between your heart, the heart of the Sphinx, Egypt, the heart of Mother Earth, Sirius.
You will journey in the vibration of the One Heart into the Heart Temple of Egypt to bless and recreate your physical reality from there.

We are currently working on the creation of this Mystery Teaching Package.

Let us know if you are interested and we will contact you once they are ready: