HATHOR PRIESTESS Training in Egypt

“We play the tambourine for your ka, We dance for your majesty We exalt you – to the height of heaven. You are the Mistress of Sekhem, the menat and the sistrum. The Mistress of Music for whose ka one lays. We praise your majesty every day. From dusk until the Earth grows light, we rejoice in your countenance, O Mistress of Dendera. We praise you with song. (Hymn to the 7 Hathors from the Temple of Dandara)

For thousands of years Women who heard the Calling have been traveling through the Temples of the Nubian Desert. Led by the dreams and visions they were pulled to the last temple, to the Sacred Mountains of Hat-Her and Her, to the Mystery School of Hathor. There they were trained to become Chalices of the Love which is Hathor. For thousands of years the initiated Priestesses of Hathor were dancing on the roof of Ta Netret, the Temple of Dandara. They were spreading the Love Codes of the Cosmic Mother on the Land of Kemet and beyond…

For many years I have been teaching the HATHOR PRIESTESS Training in Hungary, sharing the wisdom I received from the Temples of Egypt and from the Land to women virtually.

This year the message was clear. The Women hearing the Calling should return to the MotherLand, and receive their Initiation on the Land of Kemet.

It is time we journey through the Temples of the Nubian Desert in person again. It is time to reactivate the Path of the Egyptian Queens and the Priestesses of Hathor.

I am very excited that SarahJane Perman accepted my invitation and we will teach this training together.

We had an amazing, blessed experience at our first in-person Hathor Priestess Training in EGYPT, in 2023.

And you can join us again in 2024:


20th February – 2nd of March 2024

20th of February  Arrival at Luxor, transfer to the dahabeya, welcome dinner

21st of February Sailing to Dandara, opening circle in the morning, Introduction to the 7 Hathors after lunch (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

22nd of February Dandara Temple connection with the 7 Hathors, sailing (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

23-25th of February Sailing, and visiting the Sekhmet Chapel in Karnak, El Kab Hathor-Nekhbet Temple, and the KomOmbo Temple (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

During the journey we will dive deep into the energies of the 7 Hathors

The 2 Ladies of the East

The 2 Ladies of the West

The 2 Ladies of the Sacred Land

The Lady of the Hall of Jubilation

Submerging in the wisdom of the 7 Hathors through embodiment, dance and somatic movement (with SarahJane). Meeting and receiving these currents of the feminine as we explore their unique flavours and frequencies through the mystery school of the body to activate and enliven hidden gifts and keys that live within you.

26th of February arrival at Aswan, Isis Temple and Priestess Gate, opening ourselves to the archetypal energy of the Priestess

check in to the Lake Nasser cruise (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

27th – 28th of February Sailing on the Lake Nasser, visiting the Temples of the DreamPath (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

In ancient times, the Priestess-to-be would start her journey from Aswan, and travel through Nubia, the Land of Queens down to Abu Simbel, to the Mystery School of Hathor. Every temple on the road the Priestess-to-be waited for the dream, the vision to open up the path to the next Temple.

We will journey through the Temples and with the different Priestess-Queens of Kemet, those who walked this path as an initiate of the mysteries of Hathor. We will journey with their stories in history and HerStory, with the qualities they embodied as the Priestesses of Hathor, and we will learn to open our bodies to become a chalice for Her Hathorian Love.

Awakening the feminine gateways of the body and activating life force energy, clearing inner blockages and restoring the template of ecstatic aliveness as we walk the path of ancient Queens on our own embodied initiation to become the chalice of overflowing love.

29th of  February Arrival at Abu Simbel, connection with Hathor in the Temples and during the evening Sound and Light Experience

1st of March Initiation ceremony during private time in the Nefertari-Hathor Temple of Abu Simbel Temples, journey to Aswan, closing circle and celebration in the Nubian Village (breakfast, dinner)

2nd of March transfer to the airport, flights home, or extension in Cairo


3900USD/person in shared room with min. 16 pax

3400USD/person for Priestesses of Hathor (who trained with us in February 2023), and for men accompanying women participating in the training (the accompanying partners are not participating in the training itself, but visit the temples with us and help to hold the space)

(in shared room with min. 16 pax)

Single supplement:

660USD on the Lake Nasser and in the Nubian Village

1440USD for the full journey (please note that the dahabeya single cabin based on free space and will be confirmed closer to departure)


3600USD, if you register and deposit the training till the 31st of OCTOBER!

3100USD/person for Priestesses of Hathor (who trained with us in February 2023), and for men accompanying women participating in the training (the accompanying partners are not participating in the training itself, but visit the temples with us and help to hold the space) if you register till the 31st of October!

Prices are based on twin shared accommodation. Upgrades to single room is possible for an additional supplement. Prices are based on 16 people minimum. Max capacity is 25 people.

Price includes:

  • 6 nights on the dahabeya on the Nile
  • 4 nights on Movenpick Prince Abbas cruise on the Lake Nasser
  • 1 night in the Nubian Village
  • meals, entrance fees, transportation according to itinerary
  • non-alcoholic drinks on the dahabeya
  • private time in Abu Simbel
  • tipping for guards, cruises, guide, Egyptologist guide in the Temples
  • teachings of the Priestess of Hathor Training
  • the sistrum and the mirror of Hathor

Price does not include: flight tickets (international or domestic)

  • drinks on the Lake Nasser cruise and Nubian Village
  • extra meals
  • personal tipping