Dandara, the Temple of Hathor

Dandara. This is where the Temple of Hathor is waiting with its mesmerizing blue ceilings and walls. The temple is a true gift of the Ptolemaic Period. However it is not a temple from the Greek times, it is a lot more ancient than that…

Ta Netret.

The Land of the Goddess. That is the real Kemetic name of Dandara.

A name which was known and written down already during the IV. Dynasty, Old Kingdom times. 2000 years earlier before the arrival of Alexander the Great, and the start of the Greek era in Egypt.

Ta Netret. The Land of Goddess. As the place was sacred to the Great Mother even before Hathor. It is a land, where our Ancestors always connected to the Sacred Feminine principal of the Divine. Before she was named Hathor.

When she was called simply Netret. The Divine Feminine herself. The Feminine aspect of the One.

Ta Neter