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​“I play the sistrum before your beautiful face Isis, giver of life, residing in the sacred mound. Eye of Re who has no equal in Heaven and on Earth. Great of love, mistress of women, who fills Heaven and Earth with her beauty” (from a hymn to Isis, written on a wall within her temple in Philae)

Kriszta says:

Isis, Iset, the lady of Ancient Egypt. Kemet – one of the names for Ancient Egypt – is her black, fertile land. The place from where the mysteries of Isis spread all over the Roman Empire.

Between her golden wings she holds the secrets, which called people to her from faraway places. She still keeps calling, and pilgrims from all over the world come to Egypt to walk the ancient temples. We come to her, she takes us between her wings.

She takes us beyond the veils covering the mysteries of Kemet, and through what she reveals we understand ourselves more…

Karim says:

Love and wisdom. These are the two special and precious values connected to this holy land. The land of origin and magic. Ancient Egypt. Kemet… If your heart is connected to Kemet, than you can be sure your will receive the Kemetic invitation to journey and swim in its magic and fill your heart with love and wisdom. Iset or Isis will welcome you.

She is the perfect symbol of the feminine side of the universe … One of those, who make Kemet a unique place for lovers … Her wings spread a lot of high morals and purity … She is the loyalty of the wife securing her husband’s love. She is the soulful mother protecting the blossoms of holy Kemet.

She is the core and heart of the family who made Kemet. Kneel down and love her with your heart…

Listen to Kriszta & Karim talking about the Wings of Isis project

About Kriszta:

Kriszta Veres was born in Hungary and worked for many years in tourism in her home country. A journey to Egypt in 2003 opened her spiritual path and changed her life forever. She is a healer, priestess, a writer of soul-novels, and she is organizing and leading Sacred Tours in Egypt and also within Europe.

She trained in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones, and was initiated as a Priestess of Avalon. She held the space of the Hungarian Goddess Temple for 7 years, organized Goddess festivals in Hungary and taught ceremonial workshops in Hungary, Cyprus, the U.K. and Portugal.

In 2010 she was hesitant to return to Egypt as she was settled with her life in Hungary. However, the hesitation was replaced by a love-story with the land of Egypt and Kemet. She moved to Egypt after the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and she has been living here ever since.

She is on a constant journey of remembering the ancient mysteries of Egypt. Her love with both Ancient¬¬ and Modern Egypt has become a devotion. On her trips, she is a channel to the energy of the temples and ancient sites. She hold a sacred space for people to assist them in having a strong energetic and enriched soul experience in Egypt.

And now she is enthusiastic to offer in collaboration with Karim a new way to discover Kemet through the Wings of Isis  video journeys.

About Karim:

Karim El Zawahry was born in Egypt, he is native to the beautiful, abundant land of Egypt. He is a lover of history and pyramids since an early age. As a child he dreamt to enter and discover the inside of the Great Pyramid.

He was 10 years old when his dream came true. He entered the Great Pyramid for the first time, and the experience was engraved in his heart forever. He became a tour guide and Egyptologist, and his love for Egyptology and Ancient Egyptian mysteries keeps growing.

He is leading group all around Egypt since 16 years, and his groups feel the love for Kemet. Not only does he have a deep knowledge of history and Egyptology, but he also has a special way to touch the hearts of those who come here to visit this ancient land.

Karim has a strong Sufi background, the mystical path of Islam is the path of his family for many generations. His own spiritual path gives him a very unique perspective in understanding and explaining the Kemetic mythology and wisdom. Because of this, his tourist groups get an outstanding and unforgettable experience

Now Karim is ready to share his knowledge in collaboration with Kriszta through the Wings of Isis video journeys.