Kemet. Ancient Egypt. The Land of Isis. The home of mysteries, temples and pyramids. Egypt is a dream of many of us. We yearn to look beyond the veils of Isis and learn of her secrets. Our video-journeys help you to discover temples, pyramids, sacred places, symbols, myths from the perspective of Egyptology, Spirituality and Sufism.

Personal Journeys

Many of us has a strong connection with Kemet, and this connection can help us at important phases in our lives. There are times of the year when powerful portals are opening, and we have to chance to take a leap in consciousness. Through the personal audio and video journeys we channel for you the messages of Kemet at those special times or whenever you needed.


There are stories hidden between the temple walls of Egypt and in the sacred water of the Nile. We are Lovers of Kemet, we were called to tell her stories, we are channels allowing the memories held in the stones, murals, sand, water to come alive in our books. Our novels will take you on a journey through space and time and in your own Soul.


We invite you to travel with us also in person. Come to Egypt and let us lead you through the wonders of the Ancient and Modern Egypt. Our tours are not ordinary tourist journeys. Both of us have our own unique perspective for the mysteries of Kemet. On our tours you get the best of history, Egyptology and Spirituality (Kemetic and Sufi).

About us

Kriszta is a Priestess of Avalon, born in Hungary, living in Egypt since 2011. Her love with both Ancient¬¬ and Modern Egypt has become a devotion. Karim El Zawahry is native to the beautiful, abundant land of Egypt. He is a tour guide with deep knowledge of history and Egyptology, and he has a special way to touch the hearts of the visitors of this ancient land. Together we will take beyond the veils covering the mysteries of Kemet, and through what she reveals you might understand yourself more…

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What NOT to Wear in Egypt

June 22, 2020

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Cairo's Chaotic Traffic

June 22, 2020

Visitors to Egypt have told me that they’ve seen equally chaotic traffic in places like India and China, but I’ve yet to witness an equivalent level of vehicular insanity anywhere else in the world myself.…


Everything You NEED to Know About Visiting the Pyramids & Sphinx

June 22, 2020

The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to survive into the modern era. Everything else has vanished or crumbled or been destroyed by man…


How do others see us?

Attending the Egyptian journey organized and led by Kriszta Veres was a highly special and significant experience of my life. Visiting this ancient country with the pyramids and several thousand years of secrets was my dream since I was four, but the 11 days I have spent travelling with Kriszta were absolutely above my best expectations due to her professionalism and great personality. She guided me through the beautiful buildings and sacred places introducing the real, wise face of Egypt, that can be seen only by few. She showed me how to raise up the veil and opened the doors of mysteries behind it. She helped me to see Egypt the lovely way it really is. This trip was not only a discovery of magic places of Egypt but also exploring our heart and soul, exploring my real self. It was an initiation I will never forget and after that I will always wish if I could back to Egypt again and again. In addition each and every part of the trip was so professionally and accurately organized - concerning also the tiny details that you could not think of by yourself – I have never experienced before. Pleasant, clear, nice hotels, authentic accommodation, fantastically delicious food in amazing environment, exact timeline, comfortable busses and lots and lots of magic. If you wish to have a special, existing, lifelong experience, it is guaranteed if you choose one of Kriszta’s journey. I am sure I will return, but only if she leads my way again. (Dora, Hungary) It was the best trip I have ever participated. I have never seen this side of Egypt, although I’ve been there many times. Always the same: tourist attractions, laying on the beach surrounded only by tourists. But this time we could see the real side of this amazing country. Have visited sacred places, got to know nice locals, local habits and culture. What is more, Kriszta is a great host! Excellent organization, kind personality. The spiritual journey I have gone through, opened a whole new path in my life. If you are looking for a really special, also mystical experience, what only a few people can be part of, this is it!

Eszter, From Hungary

Sometimes words are not enough to explain how enjoyable, uplifting and life changing an event can be, however I shall endeavor to do my best. My recent tour of the ancient monuments of Egypt was guided by KRISZTA VERES, this hugely entertaining and lovely woman showed me a side of Egypt which I had never dreamed of. I have always wanted to go to Egypt, but life has conspired to keep me away, some even questioned if it was safe. I can safely say not for a minute did I ever feel unsafe and Kriszta did a splendid job of protecting her group of Egypt newbies from any even slight annoyances. The thing that I wish to stress is Kriszta’s commitment to showing us how vibrant and exciting the temples, tombs and pyramids could be. She lead us in little ceremonies and had us singing songs to ancient Goddesses and Gods which just made the tour so extremely special. Her knowledge and understanding of the past brought it alive and made me feel as if an ancient priestess or priest could step out from behind a pillar at any moment. She must have been at least a High Priestess in an Isis temple at one time. I can highly recommend taking any of the tours lead by KRISZTA VERES; you will never regret it and I feel extremely confident you will have an amazing and life changing experience. Go to Egypt, it is calling me back and I have no doubt I shall be there again very soon.

Beverly Wyburn, From Australia

Amidst the many tour companies in Egypt is this wonderful gem called Kriszta Veres and her team.. From the immediate assistance upon arrival at the airport, to my vegan dietary needs, through the well-organized and awe-inspiring itinerary, I always felt I was in great hands. Kriszta’s personable, kind demeanor coupled with her wisdom and insight helped to make this a truly divine experience of a lifetime. It was amazing to see that so many locals knew and highly respect her and her team Thank you or a memorable, transformative experience exceeding my expectations! I will hold this in my heart forever and look forward to our next journey together!

Minika Rose, From USA